SKA Nutraceutical is a Herbal Manufacturing division of PT. Setia Kawan Abadi. SKA Nutraceutical its busines since September 2007 being focused on producing supplement and natural healthy food and beverage based on nutraceutical.

 We Market our products by business to business system with the program called "SKA Nutraceutical Product Development Support", our manufacturing services that is not just an ordinary production but a program that gives full support to customers in all stages of customer product development (even with manufacture brand or their own brand) starting from formulation up to being marketed including various support for the success of the products in the market.


To grow as the best nutraceutical manufacturing company and trusted in the products that meet the requirements of supplement, healthy food and drink bassed on nutraceutical for national and international market.


To produce high quality nutraceutical products as well as useful for improving the quality/ health of human life.

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