SKA Nutraceutical Raw Materials processed with three best technologies in the world which is Extraction Technology – DeepExtract ™, Stabilisation Technology –O2B Perioxidation Blocker and Nano Technology.

DeepExtract™ is extractum technology for raw material with Co2 (Carbon dioxide) with very high pressure that may result the extraction material has better result (more nutrition still left in the material, the concentration will be higher and long lasting) compare to result of extraction material with very low pressure.

O2B peroxidation Blocker is stabilization technology for raw material (100% natural, N0N –GMO) that being designed to protect raw material that sensitive start from manufacturing until being consumed so it can increase the stabilization of the raw material and increase its efication.

product efication depends on the absorption in our body. Valensa company develop introduction to Nano Tech as a system to deliver extract material into the blood stream so it can be fully absorbed into the body.

Extraction Techonology -DeepExtract™, stabilization Tech O2B perioxidation blocker and introduction to Nano tech are the core process of valensa company the manufacture of Nutraceutcal materials and the best technology process of Nutraceutical materials nowadays. Valensa company is one of the main supplier of SKA Nutraceuticals material that guarantee our ingredients have stability and high efication, and avoid harmful content for body.

To assure Nutraceutical ingredients are the best, we have intensive collaboration with the world’s leading manufactures as well as suppliers of Nutraceutical raw materials.

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